Deploy a Hosted Kubernetes cluster on AWS in minutes

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KCluster is easy to use. It automates provision, backups, scaling and upgrades of Kubernetes clusters.

Highly Available

Kubernetes master components are automatically deployed across multiple instances and data centers.


KCluster automatically scales Kubernetes master components based on the number of nodes in your cluster. You can also enable Cluster AutoScaler feature to let KCluster automatically scale up and down your Kubernetes Nodes.


KCluster provides fully encrypted SSL connections between Kubernetes nodes and masters and apply multi-level authentication mechanisms including client SSL certificate.

Cost Efficient

Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee and up-front commitment with KCluster.


KCluster will host the Kubernetes master components including API Servers, etcd cluster, controller managers and schedulers for you. You do not need to have separate dedicated Kubernetes master servers.


There is no minimum fee. Pay by the hour, only for what you use.



During Beta
  • Hosted Highly Available Masters
  • Automatic Cluster Provisioning
  • Cluster AutoScaler
  • Multiple Node Groups

Powered By

  • Kubernetes
  • Powered by AWS Cloud Computing
  • Docker
  • DigitalOcean


Q.What is KCluster?

A. KCluster is a hosted Kubernetes service. It helps you automatically deploy and manage highly available and scalable production ready Kubernetes clusters and host the Kubernetes master components.

Q.How much does KCluster cost?

A. KCluster will be billed hourly based on the number of nodes in your cluster. During beta KCluster is free for one cluster per account.

Q.Why should I use KCluster for my Kubernetes cluster?

A. KCluster will host the Kubernetes master components including API servers, etcd clusters, controller managers, and schedulers in our highly available and scalable infrastructure across multiple servers and data centers. You do not need to have separate servers dedicated to Kubernetes masters. KCluster will also manage Kubernetes nodes provision, user authentication, cluster upgrades, nodes auto scaling and other Kubernetes related things for you so you can focus on your application instead of Kubernetes cluster.

Q.Which cloud providers do you support?

A. KCluster currently supports all Amazon Web Services (AWS) US regions (us-east-1 (US East (N. Virginia)), us-west-1 (US West (N. California)) and us-west-2 (US West (Oregon))) and all DigitalOcean US regions (NYC and SFO). We will support more regions and other cloud providers as soon as we can.